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The Old House Gazette is the online chronicle of our old house in Greencastle Indiana. While this site is basically a house blog, I also review tools and post helpful tips occasionally. You'll find everything in the house blog... plumbing, wiring, load-bearing walls, interior walls, installing clapboards, putting in windows, hanging doors, and many other things. You'll also get a bit of landscaping, gardening, maybe even some automotive repair.

So who are we?
I'm Larry. My grandmother bought this house in 1955, and I inherited it in 2001. I started working on the house at that time. I've done a little of everything, career-wise. I was an auto technician for 10 years, I was service manager of a bicycle shop for 2 years, and I've been in the computer repair/web design/web development fields for 5 years. I've lived here (obviously), Cheyenne, Laramie, and Centennial Wyoming, Denver and Basalt/Aspen Colorado, and briefly in Santa Cruz California.

She's Sian. We were married December 28, 2006. Sian is from Surrey, near London. Prior to moving here, she was a Lab Technician. Here she would be considered a Cytogeneticist, I think. At the moment though, Sian cleans up after the two-legged and four-legged slobs in the house, gardens and landscapes, scrapes and paints the house, and keeps all of the slobs fed.

Jordan is Sian's son/my step-son. He mainly just goes to school, plays games on the computer, plays with his Nintendo DS or Wii, and occasionally helps carry junk up from the basement. Jordan wants to be a Paleontologist, or some other kind of scientist.

We also have 11 roommates of the feline persuasion. They are: Lyrus, Ziggy, Elmo, Sassy, Billy, Cleo, Snowball, Chip, Poppy, Mya, and Pickle. They'll appear in the blog occasionally.

Well, there's our intro. I hope you enjoy reading about our house and its transformation.

Larry, Sian, and Jordan

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